Annuity Types

NO TWO PEOPLE HEADING into retirement have the same set of needs, preferences, or goals. That’s why there are different types of annuities from which you can choose. Adding an annuity to your overall retirement portfolio can provide you with a number of valuable benefits, including protected lifetime income. There are basically three different types of annuities you need to be aware of: 1) Fixed Annuities, 2) Index Annuities, and 3) Variable Annuities. The list below provides a quick overview of each type to help you better understand them and whether they might work for your situation. With each, you can choose when to begin receiving income. You may have a need to begin receiving income right away or soon after purchase, or you may decide to begin receiving income later, in which case payments typically begin 12 months or more after purchase, at a date you determine.

It’s important to understand that there are fees and expenses.

Like other investment or savings products, it’s important to understand that there are fees and expenses associated with owning an annuity, and that they are not right for every situation. Annuities offer protected lifetime income, but that guarantee is dependent upon the financial strength of the insurance company. It’s a good idea to speak with a financial professional who can guide you before making any decisions.

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