Types of Mediation Services Provided


Mediation is a process that can be used to resolve a number of different types of disputes. Because different disputes involve particular issues or interests that may need to be handled in specific manners, disputing parties can choose between many different types of mediation to find an appropriate resolution.

The different types of mediation.

The different types of mediation that are provided are categorized by the type of relationship the disputing parties are involved in, as well as the type of dispute they may be having. Some different types of mediation include:

  • Consumer Mediation
  • Discrimination Mediation
  • Estate Planning and Family Mediation
  • Landlord / Tenant Mediation

The best practice for mediation is one that will most accurately fit your particular situation. However, as you are choosing between different types of mediation, keep in mind that mediation styles can also differ.

The Five Stages of the Mediation Process 

Regardless of the type of mediation you choose, nearly all mediation proceedings move forward through the following five steps:


Step 1

A presentation of opening statements and the exchange of facts between disputing sides

Ethics of Mediation and Advocacy

Ethical practices in mediation and advocacy are vital to the success of the mediation process. Although the mediator does not make any final decisions, his or her participation can heavily influence the way disputing parties view the conflict and each other. As a result, mediation practice standards and ethics are essential to the effectiveness and fairness of this process.

The American Bar Association (ABA), Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), and the American Arbitration Association (AAA) have defined a "Model Standards of Practice for Mediators" that can be generally applicable to all types of mediation. Additionally, mediators hired through mediation services are also expected to follow the company's own set of mediation standards.

While this model of standards improves the overall mediation practice, different types and styles of mediation help ensure the most appropriate and suitable results for different types of disputes.

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