Variable Annuity

Designed for people who want to take advantage of both income protection and growth in their retirement savings and are willing to take more risk with their money in exchange for the potential for a higher rate of return.

How It Works

With a Variable Annuity, your rate of return is tied to professionally managed funds, similar to a mutual fund, made up of a combination of stocks, bonds and other investments. The value of your annuity can move up or down depending on the performance of the underlying funds selected. With a variable annuity, you can benefit when the investments go up, but lose money if they go down. You can, however, purchase features that protect your principal if the market goes down.


    • • Potential to benefit from market increases.
    • • Professional money management with a choice of investment options.
    • • You may not have to pay taxes on any interest or earnings until money is withdrawn.
    • • Optional features that protect your retirement income from market volatility and provide protected lifetime income for as long as you live.
    • • Income can begin immediately or be deferred to a later date.
    • • Standard or enhanced death benefit features are available.
    • • You could lose some or all of your principal.
    • • There may be charges and a tax penalty for early withdrawals.

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